Friday, March 16, 2012

THE SKIN & Bones Gloves

SKIN & Bones Gloves - $45
Bones gloves provide a super comfy fit without extra frills. The have ultra-suede palms, lightweight vented backs and soft terry-cloth thumbs. A reinforced pad on the inner thumbs provides extra grip and extends the life of the gloves. Grippy silicone graphics on the index and middle fingers provide additional brake and shift lever control. Bold silk-screened The logo and finger graphics and style. Available in black and white with contrasting graphics in sizes XS-XL.

Black-XS Part#: TSKB-1-5
Black-SM Part#: TSKB-1-6
Black-MD Part#: TSKB-1-7
Black-LG Part#: TSKB-1-8
Black-XL Part#: TSKB-0-9
White-XS Part#: TSKW-1-5
White-SM Part#: TSKW-1-6
White-MD Part#: TSKW-1-7
White-LG Part#: TSKW-1-8
White-XL Part#: TSKW-1-9