Tuesday, November 3, 2015

United BMX at NSR Bikes!

United BMX Complete Bikes available at NSR Bikes!

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Kink BMX Apparels and Kink BMX Partsat NSR Bikes!

Kink Safety Glasses and Kink Highrise Stem!

Dartmoor Tornado Handlebar!

Dartmoor Tornado Handlebar!

If you look for the affordable and reliable bars and you are not a weight weenie then Tornado is for you. It is made of the 6061 aluminium with simpler butting to keep the weight in line with the price. This bar was designed with input from our riding experience, so it keeps the best shape and angles to provide you a safe ride. From the streets of big cities to the deep woods and mountain ranges, Tornado will take you anywhere.

Diameter: 31.8mm. 
Width: 750mm. 
Rise: 1.5”. 
Upsweep: 4°. 
Backsweep: 9°.
Weight: 415g.

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Dartmoor Lightning Handlebars! Now available at NSR Bikes!

Dartmoor Lightning Handlebars!

Our new 800mm wide handlebar in a super strong 35mm standard. Perfect for the Freeride and Downhill riders.
Made of butted 7050 aluminium. Despite the big size and outstanding strength Lighting with its 299g definitely belongs to the featherweight division.

Diameter: 35mm. 
Width: 800mm. 
Rise: 1”. 
Upsweep: 5.5°. 
Backsweep: 8°.
Weight: 299g.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


LIANMEI E-Scooter. Available at NSR Bikes, because its just makes sense.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015