Thursday, December 25, 2008


Below is something that Me and my friend used to pass the time when we were in Aus.


Three Dots

(John Banks)

You are travelling in a deep, dark forest when, suddenly, on a dark and stormy night, you are captured by the kind-but-not-so-bright forest people. They keep looking at you and saying to each other, "It be a smart person!"

You are marched to their village and seated in the square. Before you are blindfolded, you notice two other lucky souls seated in chairs facing you. Then you are told that the forest people king is about to die. He previously sent messengers throughout the land seeking the 3 smartest people. You are one, and two others have also been found. He now gives you all a task to see which one is the wisest.

He tells you, "I have seated you in an equilateral triangle so that each of you faces the other two. While you are blindfolded I will paint a dot on each of your foreheads. Each dot will be red or green so that there can be any combination of red and green dots, for example, 1 red and 2 greens, or all red, etc. When I remove the blindfolds each of you must raise your hand if you see _any_ green dots, i.e. 1 or 2 dots. As soon as you have figured out what color your own dot is, tell me how you knew."

So he paints a green dot on all three foreheads. When the blindfolds are removed, all three hands go up. After a long pause, the wisest person, (that's you!) say, "Your highness, I have a green dot. The reason I know this is that..."

How did you know?

Extra credit: assume there are 4 people and all have green dots... can our hero figure it out now?


If you guys think this is too easy and already have the answer let me know I will pass you the link to the entire riddle series.

The Symbol

I think most of you guys would know what this symbol represent.

I found one while I was in jap too. Quite surprised when I saw it while traveling through Tokyo town. Will post the pic soon. BTW we have one in Singapore too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008


The infamous.......

McPORK!!!!!!!!!!! I've never tasted anything so SWEET! It taste's like Teriyakyi pork or something.

JAPAN!!! The land of schoolgirl fantasy! The only reason why I insist on going at least once in my lifetime! Unfortunately these are all the pictures I got..... for now!!!!

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Need to go to Akihabara again to find the elusive 4 story porn department store! It was raining when I went there lar. Cold till my dick can't stand. Find already also quite pointless.....
I never buy any porn so don't ask. Besides I'm sure most of our collection is comparable to what they have. 1TB baby 1TB of NAS!

And finally the most interesting Pic I took in JAPAN. Quite a rare sight to see a streetish setup. Most of them ride XC. Some Louis XXXXXX brand can't really remember. Quite nice bikes.

THat's it. The rest of the pics are just plain borring.
Some pics of Mt Fuji and some Oxydized Bronze Samurai Worrior.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Machining Service Avaliable!

Anyone needs machining service let me know. Samples Below.

My Agent Bikes (A!B) Orange Brake mount Cum Dropout adapter.
Pretty damn good job I'd say.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Berth no. 15. The "Pink Ninja". Reminds me of some porno magazine I saw in HongKong.