Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

FNNR 22/08/2008

Friday! Rained most of the time again, stupid monsoon. At least it stopped in the night so ride as usual. Pics of our steeds! Ok started off with drinks again. Age is really catching up.

Our "Poster Boy" with his kick ass YELLOW GOLD LABLE FORK!!! WOOT!!! God Damn That Looks Sexy!

Ok here is "Ninja Man" showing off his half mega court manual again.

Wah hardcore backwards bunyhop!

OMG! 180 off!
Missed foot jam tailwhip.

Some less effort moves. bunny off.

Side hop

Ah beng is ah beng. Sproc Grind. Got spiak one but camera man skill sucks!

Wah rare pic of my ass!

Woot Abubaka. Still my fav photogenic trick.

Foot jam! My 2nd fav photogenic trick!

Different Angle.
That's all folks. For more pictures click here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FNNR 15/08/2008

Alright. Friday is finally here. Start of ride. Only 3 riders to start off (The lowest level riders! Can only do bunny hop and pose.). Since we are all old men we start of with some energy replenishing dink and slack and talk about Josephs "Ass . What better way to start a ride.

After sitting around for far too long and the discussion of Joseph's "Ass" was getting a bit smelly, we decided to go do some hucking!

Obviously the Chinese 7th mth means nothing to us! At least until this pic here. looks strangely blur and out of focus. Wohhhhhhhh........

*Don't worry it is just my very poor photo skills lar.

Being the old and lazy group of NSR we decided that hucking is too tedious for us. So we slack. At this time, "THE MAN" joined us increasing the level of the group by 10 lvls WOOT! So now we are at level 1 wow! (Yes the 3 of us actually contributed -9 lvls)

WOOT BMX riders!!! Increase level to 50! Respect to the bmx riders! 360 and 180 and bunny tailwhips!

Watching those guys ride made me hungry. Mc D time!

Thats all for now. Pics can be found here.
*To "THE MAN" your magazine cover is still in the works. Creativity jucice drink finish liao need to be refilled with some XC riding.

Friday, August 15, 2008

NSR Magazine covers

I just HAVE to post this up today! 2 Variant covers showcasing our Hardcore NSRs.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

FNNR 01/08/2008

Woot. Friday Night is the Night! Here is part of the FNR crew...
From left to right : 'Pai Kia Tao', Narin, Justin and 'The Man'
*Remember to buy 4D. There is 3 combi.

The "Steeds of Steel" belonging to the Hardcore riders of the North. (One of them is Aluminum)
*Spot the difference.

Our more Emo rider. Joseph

Doing something to his shoe.........

Pai Kia Tao toking to his Pai Kia Gin Nah. So much seh! OMG I want to be like him!

Some poor shots of our rides. (Nothing much to put hence put lousy pics too.)

More pics can be found here.
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