Thursday, August 7, 2008

FNNR 01/08/2008

Woot. Friday Night is the Night! Here is part of the FNR crew...
From left to right : 'Pai Kia Tao', Narin, Justin and 'The Man'
*Remember to buy 4D. There is 3 combi.

The "Steeds of Steel" belonging to the Hardcore riders of the North. (One of them is Aluminum)
*Spot the difference.

Our more Emo rider. Joseph

Doing something to his shoe.........

Pai Kia Tao toking to his Pai Kia Gin Nah. So much seh! OMG I want to be like him!

Some poor shots of our rides. (Nothing much to put hence put lousy pics too.)

More pics can be found here.
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