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Titanium Quark Minis

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Dartmoor Spokes


Strong, cold forged spokes made of highest quality Swedish Sandvik T302 stainless steel. Quality comparable to the best spokes on the market. 36 pcs in a package. 4 new color options in great looking metallic finish.
Almost all wheels in our riders' bikes are built up with these spokes and they survived all their crazy tricks last season.
Diameter: 2mm (2.2mm head reinforcement). Tensile strength: 350kgf (3400 N).
Lengths (mm): 264, 262, 260, 258, 256, 254, 236, 234, 232, 230, 188, 186, 184.
Weight: 244g (258mm/metallic finish).

Dartmoor Bling Saddle


Ultralight saddle with Pivotal mount. Made of plastic. Hollow bolt for weight reduction.
Length: 210mm. Width: 110mm. Weight: 170g.

Dartmoor Lite Saddle


Very light and strong saddle with Pivotal mount. Hollow bolt for weight reduction. Covered with abrasion and slip resistant material.
Length: 230mm. Width: 120mm. Weight: 264g.
Color: black.

Dartmoor Fusion Seatpost


Very light Pivotal seat post. Made of alu 6061-T6. Short length adjusted for freestyle use.
Diameter: 25.4mm,  27.2mm. Length: 130mm (25.4mm), 200mm (27.2mm).
Weight: 116g (25.4mm), 140g (27.2mm).

Dartmoor Core Light Chain


Very light and durable singlespeed chain. For 1/8” chainrings. All links nickel-plated. New color options available covered with special nano-technology coating. Cut-outs in inner and outer plates. Hollow pins.
Length: 102 links. Width: 9.4mm. Weight: 320g. Tensile strength: 12750N.
Colors: silver, red, blue, orange.

Dartmoor B-Two (Front), K-Drive (Rear) Hubs


B-Two (Front)
Very strong and stiff front hub without disc mount. For 3/8” dropouts. Hub body made of alu 6061-T6. 14mm hollow alu 7075-T6 inner axle with 10mm hollow female bolts. Bolts head for 6mm allen key and 17mm wrench. Two large, highest quality Japanese sealed bearings. Including two pairs of small alu washers: 20mm (for susp. forks) and 25mm (for rigid forks). For 2010 season available also in 32H option.
Used by most of Dartmoor street and BMX riders.
Set of hollow M10 bolts with washers available also separately.
Size: 100x10mm. Holes: 36, 32 (black). Weight: 195g (incl. 20mm washers).

K-Drive (Rear)
Lightweight singlespeed rear disc hub for dirt/street use. Re-designed custom body shape. With 10T driver. BMX chain compatible (1/8”). Hub body made of alu 6061-T6. 10mm hollow Cr-Mo steel axle. Four highest quality Japanese sealed bearings significantly increasing rolling smoothness and durability of the hub. Machined cut-outs in disc side flange. For 2010 we applied also CNC machining for disc brake mount for great outlook and weight reduction. 12mm long alu nuts.
Used with great success by all our DJ/street team riders.
Size: 135x10mm. Pawls: 4. Holes: 36, 32 (black, red, gold, white).
Weight: 465g (incl. nuts).
Colors: black anod., red anod., blue anod., violet anod., gold anod., graphite anod., white.

Dartmoor Chakra Headset


Light and durable 1.1/8" integrated headsets. Alu top cover. Sealed bearings made of Cr-Mo steel. 45x45deg. bearings construction. Crown race made of steel.
Stack height: 11.0+1.0=12.0mm. Weight: 69g (without compress. device).

Dartmoor Funky Stem


One of the lightest gravity stems. Custom body shape with 2-pcs frontplate design. Made of cold forged and CNC machined alu 6061. All bolts in M6 size. For 2010 the frontplate design was slightly modified. There is more material around the bolts now but it is still necessary not to overtighten them to avoid frontplate breaking.
Beloved by most of our team riders.
Bar bore: 25.4mm, 31.8mm. Extension: 35mm (25.4 mm), 40mm (31.8mm).
Angle: 0deg. Weight: 150g (25.4 mm), 178g (

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Dartmoor Fetish Sprocket


Light and durable BMX sprocket. Made of alu 7075-T6. CNC machined. Adapters for 19mm and 22mm axle included.
Size: 23T, 25T. Thickness: 6mm. Weight: 58g (23T), 66g (25T).

Dartmoor Combat Headset


Lightweight and durable 1.1/8” threadless headsets. Cups and top cover made of high quality alu 2014. Sealed bearings made of Cr-Mo steel with anti-rust titanium finish. Oversized lower bearing for increased durability and troubleless riding.
Stack height: 15.4+13.1=28.5mm. Weight: 95g (without compress. device).