Thursday, June 26, 2008

FNNR 20/06/2008

Before Ride shot of all the Ah Peh Riders.

Off to the fire hydrant.

Foot plant seems to be the favorite move for NSR.

Review session from the pro.

Pro In action.

Nothing much to show for the 20th FNNR.

Friday, June 13, 2008

FNNR 13/06/2008

Friday the 13th Night Ride.

Food for champions. Macdonald's and KFC. It is essential for riders to have a healthy dose of Macdonald's Large fries or KFC zinger wrap and coke. ESSENTIAL!

Admiralty Platform

What you can do after having some ESSENTIAL food.

Abubaka madness

Noob Manual

Next stop Admiralty Fire hydrant.
No Fire Hydrants were harmed during the shoot.


Abubaka (again)


Got a call from Justin, so next stop Vista point.

Wah lew. Make us cycle far far to see you "lim chui". hahahaha. Just jokin' bros, you'r cool.

Mr Joseph, aka "kap kia" in action.

Bunny 180. Landed "sui sui"

Finished all drinks and clean up the mess we made, and off to our playground.
Here's a link again.

And again, here are some of the more exciting shots.
180 no footer.

Fufanu (again)

That's it for FNNR 13/06/2008. Petty all right night for a Firday 13th.

Some parting shots. Pictures of the bikes of the 3 "ah peks".
From left to right, "Siao On Pek", "Lau Ah Pek" and finally "Chee Ko Pek".

Thursday, June 12, 2008

FNNR 06/06/2008

We start of our ride with a pre ride photo shoot of our very own BMX rider, Mr Deroy and in the background you can see the poster of the NSR.
(No bus stops were harmed during the photo shoot.)

Ok, off to our playground. We had a bit of trouble figuring out how to get rid of the tree that is blocking our natural quarter pipe. In the end, bikers 1 stupid tree 0.
Too many pics to post so here's a link

Some of the better pics,

Next to vista point for a drink and some wheelie and abubaka action.

Thats all I have pics of. Now to leave you with some interesting shots.