Friday, October 31, 2008

FNNR 24 10 2008

Ok, so I've not updated the blog for some time. Big deal! I got the pics Wahahahahahahahaha. zzzzzzzzz.
Sorry guys I've been a bit out of sync with life coz of the iPod. It is just so enticing!!!
Now I can surf porn anywhere any time with a 3.5" Screen! Beat that! wahahahahahahahaha.
Enough boasting.

What we have here is a new addition to the family! McDonald I'm loving it! I swear Ronald Mc Donald rides this bike! I try to get a pic of him doing it some time later.

What do we have here! NSRs. Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

We shall start off with none other than our famous Narin! Doing his famous static manual! That's RAD!!!!

As you can tell I'm not the best of cameramen. Narin doing something I completely forgotten. must be insignificantly lame. Wahahahahahaha.
Kidding. It is actually mind boggling and incomprehensible that I lack the vocabulary to describe.

Wee!!! Our mystery rider doing a footjam.

Ronald Mc Donald's bike was so cool that Hongyi borrowed it to do a footplant to manual off. Sick!

Here is what we do best! Slack our rides must take a break too you know. They like kitkat.

Tsk tsk. Narin showing me the finger. Coz he just did a full round manual and is damn psyced about it. Check out the energy in everyone around him. weee........

OMG! Ninja watching PORN!!!!

Check it out guys! I can see her tits!

What tits! Those are Man boobs! Heres 2 fingers for you for showing me such atrosity! Wahahahahahahahah!!!!!

As you can tell. 90% Slack.... 10% Narin!!! WOOT!!!!!

Here is a parting shot of the 3 old ti ko peks. Lolz.

Achually there are many pikturs one but I lay-g to up-loach. So you can check them here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

FNNR : 17 10 2008

WOOT! Friday night!
Start of with some good old Slacking

Then off to the Platform!

Finally most of the NSRs lvled up!

Wei Liang!


And last but not least! Jerm with some eye and thumb power!

Bit of blood sweat and fun! 661 Gloves what would I do without you!

I love friday night rides I want to jump for joy!

Here we have our main man doing the manual 180 off 1m platform to fakey to full cab and pedestrian crash!

That's all folks! Keep riding!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Idea?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HANR 30/09/2008 (Holiday Afternoon North Ride)

Ok. So you guys got holiday ah. Leave the working boy out eh.. LOLz.
Damn I wish I had the money to ride when I was a kid. Anyway. Can see that you guys had lots of fun under the sun.

The Man doing a fu*king awsome No Hander Tree Stall!

Next to the Basket Ball court for some hucking action!

For some strange reason they manage to find a cart!

Lay it down nicely, and.............................................................
WOOT! Our first sequence shot!

Ok. Next some 180s from Narin.

The Man In action again! WOOT!

Foot Plant!

Fence RIDE!

Then it turned dark and the Night Dwellers came out for a photo shoot.
DeRoy with his kick ass Manual action!

No idea who is this this. Too far for me to identify. I suspect it is Jerm.
Bunny to Abubaka to Wheele. Fu*king Awsome sh*t!

After along day of riding and hucking....

Last but not least....
Good bye Mr Orange BMX. We will miss you.