Sunday, November 29, 2009

29th November gangsa ride.

So yesterday we went for a ride,
met up at 3, but went into ulu sembawang at 4+.
and we geniuses were too smart, and we took the most efficient route in.
so, instead of reaching mandai in 5-10 mins, we took 1-2 hours.
well done guys, it was fun, but next time lets just go my way. Ave 2.
went to gangsa, and had fun,
but as always going home was a bitch...

However, Beer makes everything right again,
and thats we all did, drink beer, got lazy.
and i honestly wanted to ride home, but simon insisted that he sends us all back home,
so me and hongyi obliged. Joseph was just feeeling lazy.. he already wanted simon to send him home..
Geez, what a lazy fellla...

just kiddding,
thanks simon.

casualties for this ride:
Joseph. flat tyre.
Me myself. a bunch of scratches on my leg.
and i woke up this morning with my eye hurting like @#$%^&*!!!!!

so i stand up, look in the mirror and i went...

this was in my eye. it's on the delete button...
i know it's small, but just think of how you flinch even when your eye lash goes in your eye.

keep stoning aunties..