Saturday, February 21, 2009

Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy

(John Banks)

On your trip back from the Island people to the deep dark forest, you get lost. A trap door suddenly opens and you fall down into a dark chamber.

You hear a voice, "You are trespassing and the penalty is death. In five minutes you will be buried alive. However due to our exceeding kindness and mercy, and because you were once ruler of the forest people, we will allow you to earn your life back. In this dark chamber there are two doors. You may choose to open either one - if you choose correctly, you will go free. If you choose incorrectly, well, instead of just being buried alive, you will be eaten alive by army ants.

To help you choose a door, you may ask a question. However, you should know that two people will hear you and one of them always lies and the other one always tells the truth. One of them will answer your question, but you will not know which one. Each of them knows which door leads to freedom.

Good Luck, you have four and a half minutes left."

What question do you ask to win your freedom? (At least two solutions.)