Sunday, September 7, 2008

FNNR : 05/08/2008

Friday night is the night! RIDE!!!!

We have a new addition to the family. ASH with his spiffy white Haro!

Here’s a picture of the completed bike!

Some Work in progress pictures!

Head Mechanic: Justin

Mechanic Manager: Narin

Customer: ASH

Bystander: Ninja Man

Ok now to test the pose-ability of the bike!

Good can pass.

Next, to Hongyi’s place to “borrow” his white handlebar. It looks way better on Justin’s bike than on Hongyi’s. Just as a comparison



All right! All is ready for ride! Check out all the smiley faces.

Oh wait we have an emo here.

Woh! New bridge!

I wonder how deep it is….

Wah scared scared so deep!

Che so low shallow only the water.

Hm… I wonder if there is a mermaid in there somewhere.

No lar confirm don have! I check before liao.

After checking out the new Sembawang bridge, we head down to a park somewhere.

And as usual, Slack!

Wah so hardworking I also want to do…

Crash and burn! Too many 180 attempts.

What are you lying here for boy! Give me your IC!

Got sick of the borring flat ground. Off to MRT to slack somemore.

Hongyi wannabe. Footjam!!!

Wah Lao Narin spoil the pic lar.

Super blur sequence shot of The Man! Woot! 180 Tail tap to halfcab manual.

Another crash and burn!

Highlight of the night! Three Leg Cooling Water!!!

Ok there was a very very LONG sequence of events here, but I could not take pictures because it involves POLICE!!!!! Lol. Kana screen coz we were going through the HDB Blocks. Lol kana stuck there for about 1 hr. The nice police men were just doing their job lar. Don angry lol. Blame it on the complain kings and queens of Sembawang.

So to cool down we went to have some Ice Cream.

Some of us had more than Ice Cream.

Ice cream not enough? Rino Cooling water will do the trick!

Got Water? Rino Cooling Water. The NorthSide Ryder’s trusted drink.

All our kick ass bikes lined up! At the helm BMX!

The trouble we took to bring you the shot above.

The crew of NSR!

Ok. It started to drizzle so we head down to the Bus Interchange for a ride.

Genius Narin decided to jump a dustbin.

Shortly after Mr Policemen came again. So ride end. For me at least! :D

Parting shot!

De Roy (The Roy, I swear he is French! Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?)

More pics here!