Sunday, July 27, 2008

FNNR 19/07/2008

Ok. So I forgot to update the bolg for 2 weeks straight. There's not much to update anyway. FNNR is getting really really small, but focused. More Beer, Slack and having fun.

To Start off. I just love this picture. Explains what FNNR is all about. HOEGAARDEN FTW!
(*This was to the end of the ride. None of the NSR rode intoxicated.)

Here is "The Man" with his borrowed but SWEET yellow RNS fork doing a bunny to manual. Could not have done it without the YELLOW RNS fork. Emphasize "YELLOW"

Here is our kick ass Sunday Rider doing a 180 to roll back. But still can't nail the half-cab.

"The Man" 180 attempts.

Well, that sums up the 19/07/2008 FNNR. More Pictures can be found here.